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Archived Bug Report - Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 appendChild bug

This bug dates from August 2008. We found that if you try to append a text node to a floated-div in IE8, it caused the entire page to go blank. Not everyone saw this, so it may have been specific to Vista.

The bug was fixed by the time IE8 'proper' was released in March 2009.

Appending a text node as an immediate sibling of a float will cause IE8b2 to lose the document. Kapoof!

For me this is a particular problem on my site Party Ark which uses the jquery library. jquery parses html text into nodes before inserting them. Because my html was like this:
"  <div> ... </div>    " then the whole page disappeared.

UPDATE - the text node itself has to start with white space for the white screen of doom. Here's the click function:

        function addToBody() {
                document.createTextNode('    if you can see me you\'re not using IE8b2')

You may also want to try out the position:fixed bug report page.

I float left. Click me to crash cause the white screen of death in IE8b2.