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Archived Bug Report - Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 CSS Fixed Scrolling Error

This bug dates from the release of the second Beta of Internet Explorer 8 in August 2008. We discovered that the CSS 'fixed' property had not been correctly implemented, and caused wide-ranging layout issues.

The bug was raised on Microsoft's IE8 bug tracking system, and was fixed by the time IE8 was released in March 2009.

Children of fixed elements should stay fixed... but no in IE8b2. Try scrolling and you'll see it move, but then try resizing your browser window. Very buggy behaviour.

On my site Party Ark, the 'lightbox' style pop-up boxes to enlarge the images don't have 'close' buttons any more - or if they do, they might be anywhere :).

You may also want to try out the document.createTextNode bug report page.

This div is 4000px high to force scolling.

Fixed Div - its child should stay fixed too but might go anywhere if you scoll and resize a bit ...
I'm only a child and don't know what I'm doing...