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Whirly Pops Lollipop 4"


These fabulously colourful lollipops look just like the ones presented to Dorothy by the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz!

These lollipops are the Original Whirly Pops, all the way from the USA, made in Los Angeles by the Adam & Brooks company. 

Each lolly is individually wrapped with the 'Whirly Pop' logo and measures 76mm (3 inches) wide, 195mm in length including wooden stick and weighs a magnificent 42g.

Sorry, not available for delivery to the USA.

The lollipops are sold individually. Assorted flavors.



£4.99 each

Sorry, we no longer sell this product. If you'd like to discuss alternatives do please call on 01388 767877.

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