Pirate Costumes

Pirate Captain


This magnificent pirate costume is just reserved for the captain of the ship!

The costumes features a long pirate frock coat with gold trim, red trousers with mock boots and golden buckles. The skull-and-crossbones hat accessory is also included.



Unless noted, our costumes are sized below. They're pretty flexible, and can easily be taken in or up. There's more information in our complete size guide.

1½ - 2 years 82-92cm 51-53cm 51-52cm
2 - 3 years 92-98cm 53-55cm 51-53cm
3 - 5 years 98 - 110cm 54-62cm 53-56cm
6 - 8 years 116 - 128cm 60-66cm 58-60cm
9 - 11 years 134-146cm 69-76cm 61-68cm

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