Pirate Costumes

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Peg Leg Pirate


This fun pirate costume features:

Blue striped trousers with peg leg, black waistcoat and shirt.

The costume also includes a pirate skull-and-crossbones hat, stylish blue sash, eye-patch and a cutlass.


Unless noted, our costumes are sized below. They're pretty flexible, and can easily be taken in or up. There's more information in our complete size guide.

1½ - 2 years 82-92cm 51-53cm 51-52cm
2 - 3 years 92-98cm 53-55cm 51-53cm
3 - 5 years 98 - 110cm 54-62cm 53-56cm
6 - 8 years 116 - 128cm 60-66cm 58-60cm
9 - 11 years 134-146cm 69-76cm 61-68cm

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