31 Jan

It's great, loads of choice. Been looking for a magic theme for ages

30 Jan

Very easy to use site - great!

18 Jan

Really good web site - all day I have been browsing and amending my order which has been really easy to use. You have some really good product, a nice selection for my little girl's party and our wedding. I will definitely use you again and recommend to others.

18 Jan

The science theme is great, just what I was looking for and seems to be exclusive to you - well done!

16 Jan

Thank you so much for having the amount shown in US dollars as well!

15 Jan

Fantastic!!!!! I have three children aged 8-7-4 and I have organised tons of parties. this is one of the best websites I have come across!!!

14 Jan

love this site!

12 Jan

Think this website is fantastic. Can't wait to get my little girls party ready with all the great decorations.

9 Jan

So far it looks super. I live in the US. The new paddington Bear Movie is coming out soon. I cannot find any party supplies with the adorable bear! So I was thrilled to find this website. And the shipping is reasonable.

8 Jan

Much better range of items than Party Pieces who didn't even do a knight themed party (other than mike the knight). Great choice of craft related ideas aswell.

8 Jan

Thanks a lot for making my little boy's dream come true - he loves the Octonauts and it's nigh impossible to get Octonauts things in Switzerland!

6 Jan

Very nice collection. Can't wait for all the stuff to arrive!

4 Jan

Prices were cheaper than party pieces and easy to find products. thank you

3 Jan

I have used your website a couple of times now. Very easy to use and the products have been very good quality. Looking forward to receiving my next order.

2 Jan

Very pleased with my last Halloween order.

1 Jan

Fab site!