Running Around Games

Traffic Lights

Age: 2-6

Equipment: Circles of red, orange and green card (optional)

  • All the children run around the room pretending to be cars.
  • When you shout out “RED LIGHT!” they all have to shout and keep absolutely still and can’t move again until you shout out “GREEN LIGHT!”
  • If you say “ORANGE LIGHT!” they have to slow right down to a walking pace.

To end the game, direct all the children to ‘park’ in a line. This could be a good game to play just before they all have to sit down to tea.

Pass the Balloon

Age: 4+

Equipment: Some long balloons

To Play:

  • Line the children up in two teams.
  • Give the two children at the head of each team a balloon to hold between their knees. When you say ‘Go!’ they have to waddle up to the next person in their team and pass the balloon to them without using their hands. That person then turns around and waddles to the next child with the balloon between their knees.
  • If anyone drops the balloon, they go back to their own starting position.
  • The winning team is the first team to get back to the starting position.

British Bulldog

Age: 5+

Equipment: None

This game requires a relatively large amount of space, so it’s best played outside, or in a room without too many obstacles.

  • All the children line up at one side of the room and one child is chosen to be the Bulldog.
  • The remaining children have to run to the other side of the room without being caught by the Bulldog.
  • If they are caught, they join hands with the Bulldog and help to prevent the other children from crossing the room.
  • The last child to be caught is the winner.

Stick in the Mud

Age: 5+

Equipment: None

This game is best outside as it needs a lot of space.

  • One child is chosen to be ‘it’
  • He chases all the other children and if he touches anyone they immediately become ‘stuck’ in the mud. This means that they must stand still with their legs apart.
  • Any other child who is still free can crawl through their legs, which then sets them free and they are allowed to run around again.
  • If a child is caught while they are trying to free someone else, they have to join the first child in being ‘it’.
  • The last person to be caught is ‘it’ for the next round of the game.