2-3 Days Before the Party

Confirm guest numbers

  • Chase-up any outstanding RSVPs.
  • Ask parents of children with special dietary requirements to review your menu and suggest any additions/alternatives.

Put together party bags

You can make up a standard set of Party Bags according to your chosen theme. Party bags normally contain some small take home gifts such as stickers, pens, blowing bubbles, mini 'treat' size chocolate bars and sweets, or a good alternative would be an individual party present in a gift bag. We have made some party bag suggestions for each theme on our site, and we also have a good selection of Party Presents and Party Puzzles.

On the day, don't forget to add a slice of birthday cake to the party bags after the cake has been cut for the children to take home.

Check you have sufficient prizes for party games

Stickers, Pens and 'treat' size chocolate bars make good party game prizes. Make sure that you have enough to cover any team games as well as for individual winners.

Prepare any food items that can be made and frozen

Check your party menu to see which items can be made ahead of time and put it in the freezer.