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Tinkerbell Party

In the original novel Peter and Wendy Tinker Bell was a fairy who mended kettles and pots, like a tinker. She can make you fly by sprinkling you with fairy dust and thinking happy thoughts.

We like her best of all among the fairies, mainly because she gets crazily jealous of Wendy. She’s perfect for a spring party too. (Sadly we don’t sell fairy dust.)

We are always astounded by the extraordinary knowledge children have of Dinosaurs. If you don’t know your Triceratops from your Protoceratops, or struggle to pronounce Pachycephalosaurus, you’re clearly not four years old. Our Dinosaur Party range continues to be one of out most popular.

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What's Hot this Month...

Red Spotty Our Red Spotty is one of our simplest but most effective themes. We’ve got even more for your party this year.

Fairy GirlGarden Fairy is so pretty – and is a bit different from the usual princess or fairy themes.

Ben 10Who is Ben 10? He can transform into aliens with his magic wrist-watch, allowing him to fight evil. But not tell the time.

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