Five things you didn’t know about Robin Hood

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Tiered Cupcake Stand
Tiered Cupcake Stand
Today is Robin Hood Day – well, the film is being released. We haven’t seen it yet, but we’re guessing it’s like Gladiator, but with more mud and rain. Robin’s policy of somewhat militant redistribution of wealth may have been a vote winnner, but how would he have performed in the TV debates? We are determined to cheer ourselves up with a Robin Hood extravaganza – for which we have a rather super Jousting Knights party theme, perfect for knights and princesses.

Here are five things you probably don’t know about Mr Hood:

1. Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the early ballads bizarrely wears an entire horsehide – including its head, tail and mane. Quite rightly Robin, taking affront with this fashion faux-pas, cuts off his head. We’d like to see Richard Armitage in that get-up.
2. If you go to Nottingham University, you can get an MA in Robin Hood Studies.
3. In one of our favourite episodes, Wonder Woman has met Robin Hood through the wonders of time travel.
4. Douglas Fairbanks played Robin Hood in 1922 – it was the most expensive film ever made and even better than Avatar. However, we recommend Errol Flynn in the 1938 version.
5. Pedantically, if Robin was fighting at the time of Richard I, it should be known that there were no friars in England at that point. Bad luck Friar Tuck. (We only know this because we’re spend our spare time studying the mendicant orders of thirteenth-century England. Feel free to point this ridiculous anachronism during the film.)

Spiderman Classic Plates
Spiderman Classic
If you’d prefer something a bit more up-to-date we have a new Spiderman range. Spiderman is, in many ways, a modern day Robin Hood, having to hide his identity and pursue evil-doers on behalf of the greater good. He swings from tall buildings (a favoured form of escape for Robin) and wears tights, which is a real give-away.

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