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Hula Danglers
Hawaiian Style
We have a new Hula Girl range in stock, and so (because we’re complete party people) we’ve become experts in the Hula.

Hula (as you no doubt know) is the dance favoured by the Hawaiians, involving much arm twizzling and general gyrations, traditionally danced topless wearing a grass wrap skirt and various necklaces, bracelets and anklets, as well as the lei (the flowery garland).

Cow Invitations
Cow Invitation
It sounds best accompanied by the ukelele, the mini-guitar that the Portuguese brought to Hawaii many years ago, which they call the braguinha. If you haven’t seen Elvis’ movies from Hawaii, then we suggest you seek out Girls, Girls, Girls or Paradise, Hawaiian Style. Or, you could just have an Hula Girl Party and strum along yourself!

Now, it’s nearly the end of term and so, if you’re having a children’s party this summer, it’s time to make sure you have got your invitations sorted out before everyone disappears! If you haven’t decided what theme party you’re going to have it doesn’t matter because we’ve got some super fun designs that should appeal to everyone.

Hula Dressing Up
Children’s Hula
Dressing Up
And if you’re worrying what you’re going to be doing over the summer to keep everyone busy, do please take a look at our Outdoor Games section, where we have everything from Space Hoppers and Sack Race Kits to Bubble Swords and Boomerangs.

We’re running a 10% Discount until the end of the week for our regular customers but you have to click through from this email to make it work! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, and you can place orders over the phone too if you’d like. We’re here during office hours on 01572 748 609.


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Play-Doh Party Pack

Winner Medals
Winners Medals

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