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Princess Dressing Up
Princess Dressing Up

Mario, you may well know, is a popular video game character, who began life in the 1980s fighting the confusingly titled Donkey Kong, who is, in fact, a gorilla. This sort of thing is designed to confuse grown ups but children find him irresistibly fun, and we’re proud to have a brand new party theme in his honour.

This leads us nicely into today’s anniversaries:

Today is the 153rd anniversary of Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Victoria marrying Freidrich of Prussia. We don’t imagine anyone’s celebrating this obscure fact, but it is of particular note because the wedding popularised a piece of music chosen by the bride: Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, which everyone knows as The Wedding March, a tune that has been de rigeur at every wedding since. Well done Vicky, good choice. If you fancy your little girl becoming a princess too, we have some wonderful princess costumes.

There is a second royal-wedding anniversary today too: the 478th anniversary of the pie-eating delusional Welsh firebrand Henry VIII secretly marrying Anne Boleyn. Anne would be crowned Queen the next year, the last Queen consort to be crowned separately. They used St Edward’s crown, usually reserved for the reigning monarch, probably because Anne was obviously pregnant. What they didn’t know was that the child was a girl, our future Queen Elizabeth.

Fancy being Henry VIII? Or a less violent monarch? Just try our boys’ dressing up costumes.

That’s quite enough royal wedding trivia for now. Our big January sale for our valued customers (10% off everything except costumes) must end on 31st (Monday). All you have to do is click on one of the links and it should all work like clockwork.

We do like to hear from our customers if there is anything we can help you with. We’re here during office hours on 01572 748 609.


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