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Gingerbread Men
Gingerbread Men on a Ribbon

Here’s a fantastic idea for making the most of your gingerbread men – a couple of holes and you can string them together to make a gingerbread man ribbon garland!

You’ll need to make two holes in each figure, approximately where his (or her) nipples would be.

Red and White Ribbons Pack £3.25

We’ve got some beautiful Red and White Festive Ribb-ons to get you started too.

[via donna hay]

Fir Tree Labels
Fir Tree Labels
10 Rustic Brown Card Luggage Labels £2.25

Sprigs and twigs of Christmas Tree are an excellent way of adding a little snowy spirit to almost anything, and here’s a good idea for place settings at your Christmas Table.

Just attach some Luggage Labels to some snippets off your Christmas tree (or any fir tree) and not only do they look very elegant, but they bring that lovely smell of fresh fir or pine to the table.

[via ruffled]

Reindeer Hands
Rudolf Hands

We think this is such a brilliant idea for Christmas Tree decorations we absolutely had to include it.

Reindeer hands are so easy to make – all you need is some coloured pens, and glittery pipe-cleaners for the antlers. A little bit of ribbon and you have an instant Christmas Tree reindeer to help pull Santa’s sleigh. [via mommygaga]

Hot Chocolate Dippers
Hot Chocolate Dippers
Here’s a top idea for some marshmallow fun. The idea is to skewer some marshmallows on straws, and dip them into melted chocolate.
Pink Cake Sprinkles
Pink Cake Sprinkles £3.25

Don’t stick them in all the way, and after letting the excess chocolate drip off, have some sprinkes ready for to create the ultimate chocolate dipper (This provide hours of chaotic fun in our kitchen.)

You can pick up all sorts of paper straws on the Party Ark site, as well as a wide range of lovely sprinkles for decorations. [via goodhousekeeping]

Pine Cone Skiers
Pine Cone Skiers

These guys were so lovely we just had to include them!

Make Your Own Nutcracker Crackers Ki
Make Your Own Nutcracker Crackers Kit £15.00 for 10

You can do so much with simple pine cones, but do remember to dry them out first! And with a bit of ribbon they can be turned into decorations that keep coming out year after year.

If you’re stuggling for a little bit of inspiration, do take a look at our Christmas Crafts section which we hope will give you some exciting ideas for keeping those little hands busy this Winter.

Vintage Noel Theme
Vintage Noel Theme
Design Your Own Wooden Shield
Design Your Own Wooden Shield £25.00

We’re still super-busy here at Party Ark, so thank you very much for all your custom.

We’ll be running right up to Christmas, but stock on some items is starting to dwindle, so if you’d like to brows some delightful and unusual Christmas ideas, do please pop over and take a look!

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